December 13, 2017

What we do

CSST will use satellite, aerial, drone and in-situ data in its three work programme streams to:

  1. provide a publicly available digital platform that facilitates the discovery and processing of raw Earth observation data, delivering usable, actionable information to drive smart, data-driven decision-making;
  2. build a portfolio of products and services developed from Earth observation data that directly benefits regional industries and supports improved decision-making by policymakers and actors in key sectors of New Zealand’s economy; and
  3. create a world-class research capability in using Earth observation data that is relevant and beneficial to the regional industries, and aligned with Vision Matauranga.

We are also assisting others with access to affordable satellite imagery.  We are excited to announce we have received our first purchase order from Northern Canterbury Transport Infrastructure Recovery (NCTIR) in early December 2017 to assist with repairs to earthquake-damaged roads.

If you’re interested in what we’re doing, or want to get involved, email